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Frequently asked questions

What is AI Writing?

AI writing is a form of artificial intelligence that is used to generate texts. There are various applications for AI writing, such as creating summaries of texts, generating descriptions of products, or even generating new works of fiction.

There are various methods that can be used for AI writing, such as natural language processing or text generation. Natural language processing is a method of teaching computers to understand human language. This can be used to create summaries of texts, as the computer can understand the main points of the text and then generate a summary based on this understanding. Text generation is a method of creating new texts based on existing texts. This can be used to generate descriptions of products, as the computer can learn the style of the product descriptions and then generate new descriptions that are similar in style.

AI writing can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating summaries of texts, generating product descriptions and landing page copy, writing articles or blogs, writing sales emails or cold emails, expanding sentences, paraphrasing or rewriting, creating social media copy or any content you like.

Can AI write an article?

Yes, AI can write an article. In fact, text generator AI is already being used to write articles in a variety of fields, including news, sports, finance, marketing and business. However, it should be noted that AI cannot replace human writers or human creative copywriting. AI acts as an aid to human writers for their content writing needs.

What types of articles can AI write for me?

There are a number of different types of articles that AI can write for you. For example, AI can write news articles, blog posts, factual articles, how-to blogs, listicles etc etc. Basically, if you can think of it, AI can probably write it for you.

One of the benefits of using AI to write your articles is that it can help to save you time. If you have a lot of content that needs to be written, then using an AI content generator can help to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Additionally, AI can also help to ensure that your articles are error-free and of high quality.

So, if you need any type of article written, don't hesitate to give the best AI article writer by Writesonic a try. You might be surprised at just how well it can do.

Is there a free AI writer where I don’t need to add credit card details?

Writesonic is the AI writing tool where you get 10000 free premium words to test the tool out. The best part is it doesn’t need you to add any credit card details to test the AI tool out. Just sign up and start generating content for free. Sign up to the free plan now.

Is the article writer generator GPT-4 powered?

Yes, Writesonic's AI Article Writer is GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and GPT-4-32K powered. You can select between the quality types you want and generate content accordingly.

Just note that the Article Writer 5.0 is only GPT-4-32K powered to give you the best personalized results.

Does Writesonic generate SEO-optimized blogs?

Yes, Writesonic does generate SEO-optimized blogs. Writesonic is integrated with some of the best SEO tools and you can train the AI by adding your set of keywords as well. In addition to that with the Surfer SEO integration you can optimize any AI generated text to rank the search engines. Thankfully, Writesonic takes care of both of these aspects.

Is the article generated using AI writer generator plagiarism-free?

Yes, the articles generated using Writesonic’s AI writer are 100% free from plagiarism. No more worrying about the uniqueness of the generated content, you can trust Writesonic! The tool has been trained on various parameters like grammar, tone of voice, and more, and can help you come up with high-quality and original content.

In what languages does Writesonic AI writer generate articles?

Writesonic supports 25+ languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian.

Can I get blog post ideas using the AI writer?

Of course! Writesonic offers this amazing tool - Blog ideas generator! It can help you to come up with unique blog post ideas that can attract more visitors and grow engagement rate. All you need to do is enter the topic, choose language, and hit generate. And, the best part? You can try any of our AI text generator free tools anytime!

Can I just write an article oultine using Writesonic AI for free?

Yes, you can create a detailed article outline using Writesonic AI writer. Here’s how. Go to Writesonic’s dashboard and select “AI Article Outlines.” Then, enter the title and intro you want to generate an outline for. Finally, select the language and quality, and hit generate. Here you go! A well-framed outline for your article is ready! Try it out today.

Can I have a 1500+ word article generated instantly?

There are a set of tools, Writesonic offers to help you generate a 1500+ word blog post instantly.
1. Instant article writer - just add your topic and get a full-fledged article in one go.
2. Article Writer 3.0 - customizable at each step. Generate blog topics, outline, introductions and then a blog that is 1500+ words in under 5 minutes.
3. Article Writer 4.0 - Generate seo-optimized blogs by adding your list of keywords. Craft blog topics, outlines and an article of 2000+ words using this amazing blog writing template.
4. Article Writer 5.0 - Generates articles based on your brand guidelines. You can craft articles that are factual, personalized based on your brand voice and seo-optimized using this article writer generator.

Enjoy these article writing tools based on your requirements for free.

What is Writer’s block?

Writer’s block is primarily associated with writing, in which a content writer experiences a persistent inability to produce new ideas or take their writing projects to completion. It is a general sense of apathy or feeling “stuck” about writing in general. To overcome writer’s block human writers take help of AI text generators and generate content using AI.

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