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Experience ChatSonic on Opera: Now Browse the Web With GPT-4 Superpowers

Say goodbye to generic web browsing. Let’s transform Opera into your personal web playground with ChatSonic—the AIGC tool on Opera that offers tailored results to your unique questions.

Opera + ChatSonic — Your go-to companion to handle all sorts of tasks.

Why use ChatSonic on Opera?

ChatSonic's conversational AI technology (powered by GPT 4) provides a hyper-personalized AI chat experience on the Opera browser. It’s an all-in-one AIGC tool that can help you accomplish a multitude of tasks in seconds.

Easy AI Prompts

With simple instructions (like - shorten this text), you can get mind-blowing results on Opera browser’s AI Prompt section.

Access ChatSonic anywhere on Opera

ChatSonic’s icon is available on the sidebar of the Opera browser and at the top of the screen as AI prompts, so you can ask ChatSonic anything, anytime.

Explore the web without scrolling for hours

Opera browser and ChatSonic offer the ultimate solution to get accurate answers quickly. Stop wasting time scouring the web and ask ChatSonic.

Convenient, fast, and safe internet browsing

No more tedious searches and pesky pop-ups! Enjoy a seamless and secure browsing experience with an AI tool like ChatSonic on Opera.

Easy to install

Get up and running quickly - you'll be writing in no time!

Write anywhere and everywhere

With the ChatSonic chrome extension get content suggestions anywhere online.

Save time scouring the internet

With the ChatSonic extension, get answers for your questions right away without searching for 100s of blogs

Increase efficiency and productivity

ChatSonic extension lets you focus on the things that matter increasing your productivity and efficiency

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Ride the waves of innovation with ChatSonic on Opera. The AI-Powered surfing assistance on the Opera browser.

AI Writer - Chatsonic

Summarize or rephrase any text, no matter how long it is.

In partnership with Opera, ChatSonic made your browsing much smoother.

✔️ See a long paragraph and don’t want to read it? Select and summarize!

✔️  Like a para or sentence, but want to give it your own touch? Select and rephrase!

✔️  How about expanding a line to get more information about it? Again, select and expand!

Select the chunk of text you want to rephrase, summarize, shorten, or expand, then choose the relevant prompt from the AI pop-up that appears, and voila.

Add ChatSonic to Opera now
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AI Writer - Chatsonic

Get access to 100+ AI writing features right from your Opera Sidebar.

Besides interacting with ChatSonic’s interesting AI, you can use 100+ AI writing features on Writesonic from the Opera sidebar. Isn’t that a whole package of AIGC tools?!

From detailed product descriptions to high-converting landing pages to 3000-word blogs/articles, these AI writing features will take your content game to another level.

Start writing with AI on Opera
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AI Writer - Chatsonic

Find related results from any web page or piece of content.

Tired of scouring the internet for relevant information? With ChatSonic's advanced AI tools on Opera, finding related results is now much easier!

Simply visit the web page or select the content you want more information on, then choose “Find related content” from the AI prompts drop-down available at the top of your Opera browser.

This will open ChatSonic for you from the sidebar, and there you’ll get all your answers in seconds.

Improve your search results with ChatSonic
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AI Writer - Chatsonic

Create unique AI images with Photosonic on Opera.

Saw an interesting image on the internet and want to create your own version? Just head on to Photosonic from your Opera sidebar and start giving the AI instructions. Photosonic is a part of Writesonic (like ChatSonic) and creates beautiful and unique AI art.

Be it a landscape, portrait, or 3d cartoon character, you can create anything and everything through this AI art generator on Opera.

Alternatively, you can also ask ChatSonic to create an AI image for you.

Generate AI images on Opera
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AI Writer - Chatsonic

Write tweets, LinkedIn posts, or even Tiktok video scripts.

Turn web pages from the Opera browser into highly engaging tweets, social media posts, YouTube video ideas, and more.

No more thinking or wondering about how to repurpose content for different platforms, just click the ChatSonic icon, give prompts, and generate.

That’s not it; if you’re not happy with the results (which is quite rare!), click on regenerate and get another piece of unique content.

Explore ChatSonic on Opera
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AI Writer - Chatsonic

Visit ChatSonic’s prompt marketplace without changing tabs for AI prompt inspiration.

Want to give better AI prompts to the AI? Take it from our prompt experts!

From your Opera browser sidebar, access ChatSonic and click on the prompts marketplace. This is a collection of different ChatSonic prompts submitted by ChatSonic users.

Browse through the Editor’s choice for crème de la crème of all the prompts out there. Or experiment in the public prompts section with different trending prompts. You can also submit your unique prompts, and if they make it to Editor’s choice, you win more Writesonic words!

Explore more AI prompts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which AIGC tools are available on Opera and Opera GX?

ChatSonic and ChatGPT are available on Opera and Opera GX. You can access them from the sidebar or the top right side of your browser’s screen from the AI Prompts drop-down.

How can I use ChatSonic on the Opera browser?

You must have a Writesonic account if you want to use an advanced ChatGPT like ChatSonic on Opera and Opera GX.

Once you install the desktop version of Opera, head on to the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen. This will open the menu for you, scroll down and look for “AI Prompts (Early Access), and switch it on. This will enable ChatSonic on Opera.

What is Opera AI chat?

Opera and Opera GX has introduced conversational AI into its browser in the form of ChatSonic and ChatGPT. ChatSonic on Opera gives the users the power of GPT-4 while web browsing.

Already have Opera browser installed? Now, all you need is a ChatSonic account!

See how easy it can be to write amazing content.

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