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Check out some AI prompts

Facebook ad copy prompt

Get catchy headlines, persuasive language, and engaging content that resonates with your potential customers.

Content research prompt

Generate new and interesting ideas, identify relevant sources of information, and organize your research materials.

Instagram captions prompt

Create captions that capturethe essence of your posts,and increase audienceengagement and reach.

Email subject lines prompt

Generate unique ideas, write attention-grabbing copy, and optimize your subject lines for increased open rates and engagement.

Video scripts prompt

Create clear and concise video scripts that effectively conveys your intended message to the target audience.

3D AI Character generation prompt

Generate unique lifelike - expressive 3D characters and use them on applications such as video games, films, virtual reality etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prompt?

When talking about really big language models (LLMs) or mega-models (LMs), a prompt is a jumping-off point for creating text or other output. This could be anything from a one-word hint to a full sentence, or maybe even a detailed instruction.

A prompt is basically an instruction given to conversational AI like ChatGPT so it can come up with desired responses.

What is prompt marketplace?

An AI prompt marketplace is an online hub where you can find inspiring prompts for ChatGPT submitted by users just like you. These AI prompts can create anything from text to images to code on advanced ChatGPT-like platforms (example - Chatsonic).

Just choose the one that sparks your imagination and use it as a springboard for your own masterpiece. you can also submit your prompts for others.

What is an example of an AI prompt?

Let’s say you want to generate an email copy for a cold outreach campaign for promoting Chatsonic’s free prompt marketplace. The prompt will look something like this - “Write a high-converting email copy for a cold outreach inviting the reader to explore Chatsonic’s new free prompt library that offers impressive ChatGPT prompts. Make sure the email is conversational and engaging. Also provide a subject line for the same.”

What are some paid and free prompt marketplaces?

There are several paid AI prompt marketplaces out there where you need to buy a particular prompt or subscribe to a plan to use it. These include platforms like - AIPRM, PromptBase, PromptSea, Prompti AI, Chatx AI, etc.

But when we talk about a free AI prompt marketplace, the best one you must try is Chatsonic’s AI prompt library.

Is the Chatsonic prompt marketplace like AIPRM?

Chatsonic’s AI prompt marketplace is just like AIPRM (in fact better!). You don’t need to install any kind of extension to use this, it can be accessed from any browser, and the best thing is - it’s completely free to use and explore.

Chatsonic AI prompt library also offers exciting rewards when you submit your prompts and it gets featured as Editors’ choice.

Share your unique AI prompts with the Chatsonic community to earn exciting reward

Put your creations out there. The best prompts get featured in Editors’ Choice, and you get a chance to win 20,000 premium words on Chatsonic!