10 best paraphrasing tools to help improve your content quality in 2023

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Regardless of the industry for whom you’re writing, your content has to be unique. Factoring that Google penalizes duplicate plagiarized content, the visibility of your content suffers seriously if your content is not original.

A paraphrasing tool rewrites your content, ensuring that it is unique and is 100% plagiarism-free. They alter the sentence structure while keeping the original context intact. When writers and marketers are juggling multiple tasks, all of which need attention, these tools can help tweak the tonality and narrative, ensure a grammar check and make the content clear and concise.

Let’s start by knowing the reasons behind the widespread use of paraphrasing tools.

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Why use paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing is defined as the process of rephrasing text into your own words while retaining the core meaning. Learn how to rewrite a sentence with content spinners, they make the process of paraphrasing content quick and painless. Instead of taking hours, paraphrasing tools generate unique passages in a few seconds.

Paraphrasing tools are gaining wide acceptance among marketers, content strategists, social media managers, and business owners.

Now you may be thinking, why to paraphrase online when it is possible to paraphrase content on your own.?

Well, when there is lots of information to paraphrase or create content at scale, AI online paraphrasing tools come in handy.

The benefits of paraphrasing tools are:

  • Within a few clicks, the paraphrase generator turns your content into an updated or fresh version, saving you time and boosting your productivity.
  • AI based paraphrasing tools can spruce up your writing. These AI rewording tools can also customize the output as per your needs: you can choose the tone to be casual, professional, persuasive, and so forth.
  • It is common to get stuck in a rut, even more so when writers are working on multiple content pieces back-to-back. A paraphrase reignites your creativity when inspiration starts to wane.
  • Paraphrasing tools simplify your content, automate the process of rewriting essays, helps in repurposing content and strip your sentences to their core meaning. The result is = more concise, accurate, easy-to-read, and relatable content.
  • Proofreading and editing, although time-consuming, play a critical role in the writing process. Paraphrasing tools have grammar checkers to spot and eliminate spelling, syntax, or grammatical errors. The best part, AI paraphrasers do this automatically saving you time and energy.
  • Another benefit of paraphrasing tools is that they offer multi-language support powered by artificial intelligence. Localizing content instantly gives you an edge over competitors.

In this article, we cover the top 9 paraphrasing tools for writers and marketers to make their points concisely and convincingly.

Top 10 paraphrasing tools to improve your writing quality

#1. Writesonic

This advanced AI free paraphrasing tool Writesonic works as the best rewording tool that not only rewrites articles,  blog posts, social media posts, and emails; but also gives out plagiarism free content with an unlimited word limit.

Paraphrasing tool - Writesonic
Writesonic Paraphrasing tool

The reason why Writesonic tops the list as the best paraphrase tool is that it can rewrite not just sentences, but rewrites entire paragraphs while maintaining the original meaning and avoiding plagiarism.

For those looking to unblock their writing process with new ideas, Writesonic’s paraphrase generator gives upto 5 options of rephrasing to choose from.  Furthermore, you can choose from 25 supported languages to localize your text.

With Writesonic, you can tell the paraphraser:

  • What you want to rephrase
  • Choose the language
  • Select from the 5 paraphrased options

The most notable part of Writesonic is that it gives 5 paraphrased versions of whatever text you input. You can find the version that suits you without much editing. Most tools only give one version at one time. Get your new sentence structure in a click, and do not worry, as it is plagiarism-free content.

Key Features

  • Writesonic is extremely fast and accurate: its AI paraphrasing tool can rewrite a 1500-word copy in less than a minute.
  • You can further edit articles using the Sonic Editor.
  • Over 70 custom-built templates ensure that you have ready-to-use solutions for every content paraphrasing requirement.
  • With Writesonic’s WordPress integration, you can export paraphrased text to WordPress with a single click.
  • The bulk upload feature, one of the outstanding features of Writesonic AI paraphraser, is designed to generate content in bulk.
  • As this word changer is designed keeping in mind busy marketers and writers, they make copywriting a breeze.


Paraphrasing tool - Writesonic pricing
Writesonic pricing

#2. Chatsonic - Like Chat GPT with superpowers

Chatsonic - paraphrasing tools

Chatsonic is a conversational AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3 technology. It can provide instant answers to any question and engage in human-like conversations on different topics.

Although ChatSonic and ChatGPT share similarities, ChatSonic surpasses it with its fourfold enhancement.

Take a look at the benefits of using ChatSonic over ChatGPT!

Here is a quick look at the revolutionary effects Chatsonic can have on your content.

  • Through its integration with Google search, Chatsonic provides users with real-time, relevant, and factual information. This allows for the creation of unique content and AI-generated visuals.
  • ChatSonic utilizes the integration of stable diffusion and DALL-E models to create AI images that perfectly match your content, bypassing the need to settle for stock images.
  • The persona mode in Chatsonic allows you to create content that resonates with your target audience. By selecting a persona, Chatsonic adapts and generates content that is aligned with that persona.
Chatsonic persona mode - paraphrasing tools
Chatsonic persona mode 
  • By remembering information from previous conversations, Chatsonic ensures that the conversation resumes naturally and remains engaging, even if a significant amount of time has passed since the last chat.
  • With Chatsonic, you can interact with the system through voice commands, like Siri or Google Assistant. This feature allows for a convenient, hands-free operation.
  • Chatsonic streamlines the process by allowing you to share, edit, or download your conversations, eliminating the need for separate documentation.
  • ChatSonic API access simplifies the content creation process by enabling smooth integration of ChatSonic with your current software.

Don't rush into using ChatGPT from OpenAI, you may want to explore other ChatGPT alternatives like Chatsonic that may be superior before making a choice.

#3. TLDRThis

A stellar paraphrasing tool that also tops this list is TLDRThis, which helps rewrite any piece of text in a different voice and style, to appeal to readers. In addition, the copy is 100% plagiarism free content.

Paraphrasing tool - TLDRthis
TLDRthis Paraphrasing tool

This AI paraphrase tool has the following use cases:

  • Students looking to rewrite essays in a fresh voice that appeals to both teachers and students.
  • Writers who are looking to make their writing engaging for readers, within seconds.
  • Teachers looking to write engaging stories for students.
  • Institutions with multiple readers, who need several voice and style for web copes.
  • Journalists looking to write specific stories to appeal to readers.

Key Features

  • At $4.month for 100 advanced summaries, TLDRThis is one of the cheapest and free paraphrasing tools available today.
  • Uses advanced abstractive summarization models to extract and rephrase sentences.
  • AI paraphrase generator presents content in an easy-to-understand format to free users from information overload.


  • It is an online paraphrasing tool so does not work offline.
  • Users would have to manually enter the text to be paraphrased online in the tool, and copy paste the results in their Word Doc.
  • It does not have an API yet.


Paraphrasing tool - TLDRthis Pricing
TLDRthis Pricing

#4. QuillBot

QuillBot is the ideal writing tool and grammar checker for marketers, writers, and social media managers. It works as a sentence rephraser by changing the sequence of terms and words and inserting related synonyms.

Paraphrasing tool - Quillbot

What makes QuillBot one of the best paraphrasing tools is its ability to remove complicated language making the text simpler and easy to understand.

You can use Quillbot paraphrase online tool for free with basic paraphrasing capabilities and a character limit. However, the premium version provides you with more features with a grammar checker, plagiarism tool, and a rephrase tool.

Key Features

  • It is an online paraphrasing tool and is available via extensions for M.S Office or a Google Chrome Extension.
  • This tool is great at paraphrasing and summarizing the contents.
  • It offers a Summarizer tool that can transform a long article or essay into a brief summary.
  • QuillBot can check and fix more errors than a traditional grammar checker.
  • Offers advanced editing features for writers and publishers.


  • The grammar checker is not as intelligent as Grammarly, doesn't provide suggestions, or rewrite, and is unable to fix multiple sentences at once.
  • It works only online.
  • High pricing makes it less suitable for solopreneurs, or bulk content publishers.


Paraphrasing tool - Quillbot pricing
Quillbot Pricing

#5. Paraphrase.io

Paraphrase.io is an AI paraphrasing tool that works with the most advanced algorithms and can paraphrase unlimited words in seconds. Users can choose from four paraphrasing modes to help them rephrase the content in their unique version.

Paraphrasing tool - paraphrase

You can rephrase from 15 different languages with a single click. The AI writing tool simplifies your writing process and allows you to restructure phrases, rewrite sentences, and rewrite paragraphs. Additionally, it can modify the vocabulary and syntactic sentence structures to help you get unique and error-free results.

Key Features

  • It rewrites plagiarism free content while maintaining readability.
  • Enables users to rewrite using the standard, fluency, creative, or smarter modes.
  • Allows you to paraphrase up to 500 words at a time.
  • It is one of the most advanced AI rewriters based on NLP and ensures maintaining the original meaning of the context.
  • Removes duplicate contents and rephrases on the human level.


  • The free paraphrasing tool version offers the option to paraphrase only 1000 words at a time.
  • Workflow gets disrupted by lots of advertisements in the free version.
  • Sometimes it provides results by just changing the meaning of verbs or nouns.
  • No premium plans to paraphrase long content.


Paraphrasing tool - paraphrase pricing
Paraphrase.io Pricing

#6. Rephrase.info

What makes Rephrase the best AI rephrasing tool is that along with replacing words that are similar in meaning or use similar sentence structure, it also doubles up as an AI writer.

Paraphrasing tool - Rephrase

This paraphrasing tool lets users rewrite an unlimited number of blogs with a unique and professional tone.

This online AI rephrase tool is used by writers to generate engaging content capable of boosting user engagement on blogs, websites, and social media platforms.

Social media marketers use Rephrase to paraphrase social media posts in a unique and compelling way without facing any copyright issues.

Marketers prefer Rephrase.info as the paraphrasing tool as this sentence rephraser provides the most relevant paragraphs.

Key Features

  • Allows users to rephrase in 21 languages.
  • The AI-powered technology of Rephrase.info has a database with millions of synonyms to provide you with matching results that are close to the original content.
  • It can identify the right keywords in the given text and rephrase sentences accordingly to ensure an optimized SEO.
  • Changes the sentence structure while keeping the message the same.


  • Even users reported having problems loading their paraphrased content.
  • There is no free plan so users cannot test the efficiency without paying for a plan.


Paraphrasing tool - Rephrase Pricing
Rephrase Pricing

#7. Word AI

Word AI helps you write high-quality, engaging content 10x faster and free from duplicates. The AI paraphrase tool and AI content generator provides multiple versions of your ideas and can help beat writer’s block.

Paraphrasing tool - Word AI
Word AI

Word AI understands the meaning of the context and provides intelligent spun versions that are as good as manually rewritten scripts. The ability to rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs while ensuring each synonym makes sense makes this paraphrasing tool a preferred choice for writers, journalists, and marketers.

The advanced AI paraphrasing technique can differentiate between words and make sentences with words that interact with each other.

Key Features

  • Before producing results, Word AI checks the entire article to understand and then offers results based on its incredible understanding of the context.
  • It can be integrated with several other tools using API.
  • It refines word content and can remove spelling and grammar errors.
  • Allows protecting quotations, titles, and URLs.
  • Displays a side-by-side view of original and rewritten content for easier comparison.


  • No plugin for MS Word or Google Docs.
  • The interface is a bit sloppy.
  • Does not let you access stock images for inserting into the written articles.
  • Short trial period.
  • You may find the plans to be more expensive than the other paraphrasing tools with the same features.


Paraphrasing tool - Word AI pricing
Word AI Pricing

#8. Spinbot

Spinbot is an automatic paraphrasing tool that rewrites text into intelligent, readable, and engaging copies. The articles are spun by this tool by replacing the words with synonyms producing human-readable content that is written using own words.

Paraphrasing tool - Spinbot

What we like about this AI paraphraser is that it maintains the proper structure of the sentences while generating high-quality content.

Users don’t need to sign up. Simply copy and paste or type your article and click on the tab to get 100% plagiarism free content.

Today, having a fresh and continuous cadence of content on websites and blogs is extremely critical to gain search engine exposure, Spinbot helps marketers, content writers, and business owners generate content at scale, quickly.

In short, the free paraphrasing tool is useful for anyone wanting to market their website, service, or products online, efficiently.

The primary SpinBot use case for marketers is when they're looking to update old posts or rewrite entirely new blogs from existing content. They can put a new paraphrased spin on the content, add a more attractive title and update the information to ensure that the content remains fresh and relevant.

Key Features

  • Works on advanced analysis, exchanging words with the most appropriate synonyms.
  • AI paraphraser SpinBot is regularly updated with new synonyms and vocabulary to maintain the high quality of content creation.
  • It has an advanced text analysis algorithm to rewrite sentences to make a text unique, plagiarism-free, and search engine optimized.
  • It is compatible with all browsers and devices.


  • Sometimes the program fails to recognize context and substitutes synonyms randomly.
  • Can produce unreadable sentences or difficult-to-read results.
  • Product descriptions can be problematic with grammatical and words limit errors.


Spinbot is a free-to-use AI paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tool - Spinbot pricing
Spinbot pricing

#9. Jasper

Jasper’s AI free paraphrasing is easy to use. All you need to do is choose a template for the type of content you want to rewrite, and within seconds, the tool gives you unique content.

Being integrated with a plagiarism checker, Jasper AI rewriter saves you time while providing original phrasing better that comes only second to Writesonic.

Key Features

  • Surfer SEO integration allows you to write faster and the copy is search engine optimized.
  • Jasper can rewrite multiple content formats including blogs, emails, social media copies, and more.
  • You can paraphrase the content in more than 25 languages.


  • More expensive compared to other AI paraphrasing tools.
  • The paraphrased copy can be irrelevant sometimes, so the final text needs to be rechecked manually.


Paraphrasing tool - Jasper AI
Jasper AI

#10. Copy.ai

Copy.ai’s AI-powered paraphrase tool allows users to create plagiarism-free and engaging content that speaks directly to their audience, within seconds.

For the best results, they recommend:

  • Giving detailed information and context to get the most accurate results.
  • To generate relevant paragraphs, include your audience’s pain points and interests.
  • Choose the tone you want to use.
  • You can choose more versions of the paraphrased text.
  • Lastly, proofread the final copy and it is good to go.

Key Features

  • It does a great job of retaining the original meaning of the text while paraphrasing and writing in a natural and engaging way.
  • Can be used to paraphrase a wide range of content formats including emails, newsletters, and social media posts.
  • With over 5 versions to choose from, you can quickly find a version that works for you.


  • With Copy.ai, the long-form results are somewhat inaccurate and need to be manually edited.


Paraphrasing tool - Copy AI
Copy AI

Fight back against the blank page with online paraphraser tools

In virtually no time, the AI paraphraser helps you rewrite unique content from the source material. They’re becoming an indispensable resource for the busy marketer and writer.

If you’re looking for a reliable and quality rewriter, sign up for a free trial of Writesonic.

Paraphrasing both long-form and short-form content is easy with Writesonic’s AI paraphraser.

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